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Established in 1968 to provide genuine spare parts for Sanyang (SYM brand) motorcycles and scooters (see, Teamworld Industries Corp. has grown into a leading supplier of motorcycle/scooter parts and accessories. Today, we stock over 34,000 items at our 19,000 sqm central warehouse; have a national network of thirty-two domestic spare parts centers; export to over 25 countries; offer well-known branded names (i.e., BANDO, DID, NGK, YUASA) and accessories; supply well-known OEM motorcycle/scooter manufacturers such as Aprilia, Cagiva, Malaguti, Minarelli, Moto Guzzi, and Kawasaki; and have Asia-wide sourcing capabilities/production facilities. Products manufactured by our own factories in Taiwan, China & Vietnam include: speedometer, motorcycle cable, brake shoe, lubricant, switch and key set, gasket, as well as other fast moving parts.
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Fighter 125 Team Wins at 54 Macau Grand Prix 2007-12-06 3

Fighter 125 Team Wins at 54 Macau Grand Prix



SYM's Fighter team won the 125 race class of the 5th MGPC Scooters Cup on Nov. 17th., 2007! The Macau Grand Prix, a motor-racing event held annually in November in the streets of Macau, is known for being the only street circuit racing event in which both car and motorcycle races are held.   SYM is Taiwan’s leading motorcycle and scooter manufacturer.  ‘Fighter’ is one of SYM’s bestselling models.  Aftermarket scooter spare parts and accessories for the Fighter are available to official SYM importers through Teamworld Industries. 

Macau Grand Prix

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