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Established in 1968 to provide genuine spare parts for Sanyang (SYM brand) motorcycles and scooters (see, Teamworld Industries Corp. has grown into a leading supplier of motorcycle/scooter parts and accessories. Today, we stock over 34,000 items at our 19,000 sqm central warehouse; have a national network of thirty-two domestic spare parts centers; export to over 25 countries; offer well-known branded names (i.e., BANDO, DID, NGK, YUASA) and accessories; supply well-known OEM motorcycle/scooter manufacturers such as Aprilia, Cagiva, Malaguti, Minarelli, Moto Guzzi, and Kawasaki; and have Asia-wide sourcing capabilities/production facilities. Products manufactured by our own factories in Taiwan, China & Vietnam include: speedometer, motorcycle cable, brake shoe, lubricant, switch and key set, gasket, as well as other fast moving parts.
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Teamworld Industries the leading supplier of motorcycle/scooter parts and accessories in Taiwan. Our involvement in the business dates back to 1968 when Teamworld – incorporated as Chanyeh Co., Ltd. and renamed Teamworld in 1979. Teamworld was established as SYM official agent of genuine spare parts till 2018, and in the meantime supplies spare parts for all brands vehicles till now. We have complete spare parts centers network in local markets; and export spare parts to over 50 countries in the worldwide.

By leveraging our expertise from over 30 years in the motorcycle/scooter parts industry, Teamworld also offers OEM parts as well as other well-known branded names and accessories. We are official agent in Taiwan of BANDO, D.I.D, SHAD, ABUS, MT Helmet and have close business partnership with NGK, YUASA and GS…etc. Our OEM clients include well-known motorcycle/scooter manufacturers, like Aprilia, Cagiva, Malaguti, Minarelli, Moto Guzzi, Peugeot and Kawasaki.


Put simply, we offer quality products at low prices. Prices are low because Teamworld makes purchasement with big volume each month and has sourcing capabilities in whole Asia (including from our own factories in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam) to find the most competitive product for customers. At the same time, because we are based in Taiwan – one of the largest scooter producers in the world – we have well-established relationship with the parts-makers that meet the fine quality standards expected in Taiwan's very competitive scooter industry. As a company that has been in the business for over four decades, you can rest assured that our solid industry standing ensures customer confidence.

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About Chinfon

The Chinfon Group's origin dates back 100 years to a small general store named 'ChinFon'. It was started by En Huang, the grandfather of the current Chairman, Shi H. Huang. In 1947, Shi Huang's father, Chi-Chun Huang ventured into international trade, renaming the store the Ching Fong Trading Co., Ltd. Over the next half century, the Group continued to grow and expanded its influence to a wide range of business sectors including manufacturing, services, banking, construction and trade.

In 1962, the Chinfon Group began motorcycle manufacturing in corporation with Honda Motor Corporation of Japan. Over the years, the Group not only maintained the leading market share in the industry, but expanded into motorcycle distribution, parts, services, and repair as well as automobile manufacturing and related businesses. In 1988, with the acquisition of Cathay Trust and Investment Co.,Ltd., the Group entered the banking sector. The Chinfon Group now consists of more than twenty companies worldwide and generates annual revenue in excess of US $1.5 billion.

Chinfon Global Corp., established in 1993, directs the management of the entire Chinfon Group and affiliated companies. It also allocates the Group's human and financial resources. It is responsible for the training of senior staff capable of managing a global enterprise with diverse business interests.

Under the leadership of Chairman Shi Huang, Chinfon Global is actively expanding its global operations. Chinfon Global directs the Group's effort to expand worldwide by encouraging internal exchange and cooperation among the Group companies. This 'Chinfon advantage' of self-reliance and support within the organization has become one of the unique strengths of the Chinfon Group.

In order to respond to rapidly changing international opportunities, the Group devotes its energy to in-depth research in the development of its global markets. Current investment concentrates on the United States, Southeast Asia, and China. In the twenty-first century, the Chinfon Group will continue its emphasis on research and development to provide new and better products to its customers world-wide. We hope to continue sharing the fruits of our success with the communities we serve. The Group will always faithfully respond to the needs of society and its people.
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